Dr. Susan Addison provides comprehensive, individualized chiropractic care in SW Portland for people of all ages. She listens, examines, and evaluates to assess the root cause of health problems. Her care is hands-on, and incorporates chiropractic, muscle work, and craniosacral therapy. Along with this in-office treatment, she offers expert advice for exercise, rehabilitation, and nutrition to support overall healing and prevent relapse.

The demands of stressful work and home lives often require us to be too sedentary or to do repetitive physical tasks. Both can lead to pain, limited mobility, or injury. Chiropractors are in an ideal position to address these concerns, both with hands-on care and self-care recommendations.

Patients who have benefited from Dr. Addison’s care include:

  • those suffering from back or neck pain, headaches or jaw pain
  • people with shoulder, knee or other extremity problems
  • those who have had a fall, accident, or sports injury
  • people with muscle pain or tendonitis
  • pregnant women
  • babies who are ill, having difficulty nursing or not sleeping well
  • children who are injured, have body pain or difficulty sleeping
  • people with degenerative arthritis pain
  • those seeking overall wellness, stress reduction, and prevention of musculoskeletal problems

After treatment, patients report:

  • easier movement and increased flexibility
  • decreased pain, stress and tension
  • a sense of comfort and physical well-being
  • quicker recovery from injury
  • enhanced athletic performance

Dr. Susan Addison

Dr. Susan Addison