Patient Stories and Testimonials


Testimonial #1:

“Dr. Addison is an incredibly intuitive and gentle practitioner. I always look forward to my visits with her since no matter what is going on with me she finds a way to address it. I love her nonjudgmental approach that meets me exactly where I am that day. I have recommended Susan to all my family and friends without any hesitation. In fact, everyone in my office sees her!”

Testimonial #2:

“A practitioner whose heart is in the work, Susan is a great listener who combines her deep intuitive sense of the body with a hands on approach that is gentle, respectful and steady. Depending on the issue, she seems to find a way in, combining a reassuring, compassionate touch, a range of techniques, and a decisive ability to make adjustments. Susan is always caring and responsive. I am grateful for treatments that consistently bring relief, encouraging my body to find its own balance. I unequivocally recommend Susan to friends and family, who always thank me for the referral!”

Testimonial #3:

“I have been in the fitness industry for over twenty years, but only integrated chiropractic into my overall health after a car accident four years ago. Oh, how I wish I’d started earlier! Not only did Dr. Addison keep me teaching during my recovery, she continues to keep my poor body balanced and aligned. Between chronic sacroiliac issues, overuse injuries and random aches and pains, Dr. Addison keeps me moving and working. I generally leave her office shouting, “You saved me again!”"